The MA Fund

The MA Fund is a vital program designed to help offset portions of the annual costs of operating The Montgomery Academy while providing the donor tax deductibility. This appeal is undertaken annually, usually in the fall, and is closed at the end of every fiscal year, June 30.

In an effort to keep the Academy experience accessible, the Academy - like most independent schools - charges tuition that covers only about 90 percent of the total cost of educating each student. The Academy relies on unrestricted contributions to the MA Fund to help make up the difference between tuition and the actual cost of educating a child. These funds are used in the budget to assist in providing a broader, more well-equipped curriculum and program.

All donations to the MA Fund, no matter the size, are important to the Academy and are deeply appreciated. Each gift expresses support and commitment to the educational quality and challenge that the Academy represents.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MA Fund?

The MA Fund is made up of unrestricted gifts from alumni, parents, parents of alumni, grandparents, and friends and is used to operate the campus on a day-to-day basis. Each year the school seeks contributions to the MA Fund from July 1 to June 30. All gifts and pledges completed before June 30th count toward this year's MA Fund.

Where exactly do the MA Fund dollars go?

Quite literally, every corner of both the Academy’s campuses and each student and teacher benefits from the MA Fund. The MA Fund equips our science and computer labs, builds the library collections, provides sports equipment for our athletic programs and maintains MA's buildings and grounds, to name just a few things.

Why is participation in the MA Fund important?

Your participation is fundamental to assuring a solid financial future for The Montgomery Academy. You may feel that if you can only make a small gift to the MA Fund, it does not make much difference whether you participate. Quite to the contrary, the mere act of participation has great consequences.

By making even a modest gift, your participation will help achieve a much greater result. Your participation in the annual drive to support The Montgomery Academy is also valuable as a signal to others who are considering investing.

If we all give a little, collectively, we gain a lot!

What gifts count toward the MA Fund?

Unrestricted gifts to the school count toward the MA Fund. Please note that gifts made to specific funds or purposes, such as the Weil Library or Endowment, are not counted toward the MA Fund. Therefore, donors to these projects are also encouraged to participate in the MA Fund.

We volunteer in many ways at the Academy, why should we give to the MA Fund?

We are very grateful for the time our volunteers give our children. Without their help we could not continue to provide the quality educational program that we do now. Gifts to the MA Fund are important and necessary to maintain and support that quality program.

Why should I give to MA when there are so many worthy causes?

There are, indeed, many charities and organizations that need – and are worthy of – financial support. We’re asking that The Montgomery Academy be one of the top ones you support. Supporting the MA Fund makes a difference now and in the future. The Academy is educating leaders who will take lessons learned and strong foundations to their personal and professional lives. Our graduates are making a difference locally, nationally and internationally.

I am an Academy alum and now I live out of town. Why should I give?

As a student at the Academy, the community always rallied in support of your education. By contributing to the MA Fund, you are continuing the cycle of giving and directly impacting young people who are sharing in some of the same traditions and experiences you did. You are staying connected to The Montgomery Academy while ensuring others have the opportunities you had.

If my spouse is also an alumna/us of the Academy, will we both get credit for making one gift?

The Montgomery Academy alumni spouses will each be recognized for the entire gift amount.

How can I donate stock to the MA Fund?

To deliver stock to The Montgomery Academy’s primary brokerage account, please instruct your broker to wire the stock shares using the following instructions.

Account Information for your broker:
Company: Raymond James
Broker: Temple Millsap
Phone number: 334-213-4200
DTC: 0725
Account #: 25936437
The Montgomery Academy

In order that we can properly acknowledge your gift, please let us know when you transfer stock and how many shares you are depositing into our account.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact Carolyn Peddy Bryan '75, Director of Development, at 334-273-7144 or

For more information about the MA Fund, please contact Carolyn Peddy Bryan '75, Director of Development.