The MA Fund

The MA Fund is a vital program designed to help offset portions of the annual costs of operating The Montgomery Academy while providing the donor tax deductibility. This appeal is undertaken annually, usually in the fall, and is closed at the end of every fiscal year, June 30.

In an effort to keep the Academy experience accessible, the Academy - like most independent schools - charges tuition that covers only about 90 percent of the total cost of educating each student. The Academy relies on unrestricted contributions to the MA Fund to help make up the difference between tuition and the actual cost of educating a child. These funds are used in the budget to assist in providing a broader, more well-equipped curriculum and program.

All donations to the MA Fund, no matter the size, are important to the Academy and are deeply appreciated. Each gift expresses support and commitment to the educational quality and challenge that the Academy represents.

Because You Believe in What We Do

The MA Fund is the school's top fundraising priority because it provides for every aspect of the MA experience – student programs, faculty and staff development, and much more. See why members of our community believe in giving to the MA Fund, and the impact the school has had on their lives.

Taylor Williams
Class of 2003

“The foundation that MA develops in its graduates lasts a lifetime. The mindset of pursuing excellence is something graduates carry with them the rest of their lives and it certainly benefits them both personally and professionally. My wife and I are both MA graduates, and we give to the MA Fund. We want students to enjoy the great education and experiences we were blessed with.”

Sarah Fitzpatrick Bryan
Class of 2011

“I know MA from two sides, as a student and as a teacher. As a teacher, the MA Fund allowed me to provide my students with the absolute best education – since tuition does not fully cover the cost to educate one child. On the other side, MA gave me the opportunity to succeed as a student and as an adult. I fully believe the leadership roles I achieved in college and the grade point average I was able to maintain were products of the skills I learned at MA.”

Roly and Jeev Singh

Current parents of MA Upper School Students

“As parents, we choose to give because the school has given so much to our family. We are very thankful for all the opportunities both our girls have gotten at MA, some of which may not be possible without the MA fund. We believe it is very important to give to the MA Fund – and participating is more important than the amount. The MA Fund helps support our existing programs and gives the school a chance to add new programs that will benefit every student. With the full support of our MA Fund, we can make a great school even better.”

Lyl and Bill Parker
Parents of three MA Graduates

“With our three children attending MA K-12 and my serving on the faculty for 18 years, MA has been an important part of our lives for a long time. Now, we are proud to be MA grandparents, so we still have a vested interest. We want this school to continue to be an enriching influence in our family and in the community. Tuition does not cover all of the expenses involved in operating the programs and facilities of the school; if it did, many folks would not be able to afford an MA education. So it’s important to help financially so MA can continue offering the excellent education and the wide variety of extracurricular programs offered for diverse student interests.”

Lewis Gayden
Class of 1987

“I give to the MA Fund because I believe in supporting the development of the ‘whole child’ that MA strives for. I enjoy watching MA students pursue excellence in the classroom, in athletics and in the arts. Giving to the MA Fund provides us with a tax-deductible way to enhance the learning experience for our students in all areas that MA exposes them to.”

For more information about the MA Fund, please contact Carolyn Peddy Bryan '75, Director of Development.