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New Eagle Patrol Formed at Lower School

Folding flag

Our newly formed Eagle Patrol is comprised of fourth and fifth grade volunteers. They are stationed on the porch each morning welcoming students to school and they also raise and lower the American, Alabama and MA flags each day.

Raising the flag

Last Thursday, Head of School Jay Spencer, taught the entire Eagle Patrol flag etiquette. "We discussed flag etiquette and demonstrated the proper way to fold the flag. Then we went out to the flagpole to go over the proper technique for raising, lowering, and half-staffing the flag. I love to engage with the kids," shared Mr. Spencer.

The students learned a lot from Mr. Spencer:

"I learned how to fold a flag."- Gaines Burnham

"I learned that on special holidays or when someone special dies, we raise the flag half-staff." - Lucy Nelson

"I learned that you shouldn't drop the flag because it's disrespectful for the flag." -Kirsten Thomas

"If you drop the flag, you have to burn it or bury it." -Edward Stivers

Be on the lookout for the Eagle Patrol next time you're at the Lower School!

Eagle Patrol with Flag