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Economics Students Success in Alabama Stock Market Game
Economics Students Success in Alabama Stock Market Game

The Alabama Stock Market Game (SMG) is an exciting 10-week, online trading experience sponsored by the Alabama Council on Economic Education (ACEE). Students begin with $100,000 and may purchase stocks, bonds, and mutual funds and make any number of trades with their available funds. The teams with the most valuable portfolios at the end of the 10 weeks win their division. Montgomery Academy students made up half of the top ten winners in the South Alabama region! Second place: Hunter Rives, Third place: Anderson Crane, Fourth place: Bennett Griffin, Seventh place: Tucker Ayers, Ninth place: Lee Sahlie. They are all economics students in Dr. Scott Morris' class.

The major purpose of the Alabama Council on Economic Education is to promote a better understanding of the American economy and its relationship to international, national, state and local economic issues. The activities and programs of ACEE are to be directed toward objective, comprehensive and balanced economic and educational programs.

In the promotion of economic understanding, financial literacy and entrepreneurship, ACEE serves as a resource for schools and teacher training throughout Alabama as well as an advocate for economic education and financial literacy. Through the development of partnerships among all educational institutions and systems, professional organizations of teachers and school administrators, ACEE has the purpose of promoting greater understanding of the principles, practices and values of America's free enterprise heritage and economic system through teacher education.

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