ACTE Competition Success

Alabama Consortium for Technology in Education (ACTE) spring competition is an opportunity for students to showcase their technology skills in many forms. First and second place winners qualify to go on to State ACTE in April. The competition was virtual this year and met one-on-one online to present to the judges. All Middle and Upper School students qualified for state.

Video Production (Level 3): Davis Philhower and John Harris Taylor (1st, group); Ian Farley and Sid Spear (2nd, group)

Animation (Level 3): Freddy Hunt (1st, ind.); Eric Bailey and Oliver Steen (1st, group)

Digital Game Design (Level 3): Drew Phenix (1st, ind.), Duncan Serrill (2nd, ind.)

Multidimensional Design (Level 3): Bea Farley and Anne Emery Smith (1st, group)

Computer Programming (Level 3): Rob Ashworth (1st, ind.)

Productivity Design (Level 3): Maggie Whitt (1st, ind.)

Robotics (Level 3): Aiden J. Haecker and Viplove Sharma (1st, group)

Hardware Modification (Level 3): Adarriah Wright (1st, ind.)

Digital Art (Level 3): Anton Yang (1st, ind.), Apollo Avezzano (2nd, ind.)

Multidimensional Design (Level 4): Jocelyn Gleason (1st, ind.)

Digital Game Design (Level 5): Picasso Avezzano and Charles Norris (2nd, group)

Computer Programming (Level 5): Ted Lee (2st, ind.)