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Montgomery Academy is the whole package: academics, arts, athletics and abundant opportunities to get involved outside class. Campus organizations give students valuable opportunities to develop skills, make new friends and try new activities.

Student leaders present a donation check to Friendship Mission

Community service is a key component of life at MA. There are school-wide efforts, like the annual Brantwood Children’s Home Christmas Project; division-based projects (Lower, Middle and Upper Schools); as well as grade-specific efforts. Student groups organize service activities, including:

  • A Public Service Committee oversees a year-long, K-12 community service effort at one selected community partner. Past beneficiaries have included Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army, Magic Moments, Children's Hospital and Friendship Mission.
  • H.E.A.R.T. (Helping Eagles Are Right There) is an Upper School community service club that coordinates community service projects including our annual Community Day where students volunteer at more than 30 non-profit agencies in the River Region.

Fun is also high on the agenda. Favorite traditions for every student include Homecoming and Eagle Day while our Kindergarten & Senior Buddy program is a highlight for our oldest and youngest students.

  • Eagle Day is a field day of athletic events between the Cardinal and Navy teams. Each new student is assigned one of our school colors; this then becomes a student’s Eagle Day team. The winner of the day’s events, held each spring, claims the victory flag, which is flown over the school during the next academic year.
  • Our Kindergarten and Senior Buddy program pairs Kindergarten students with Seniors to establish a sense of community and foster a supportive relationship between our oldest and youngest students. 
A senior reads a book to her kindergarten buddy