Color Run

Tuesday, November 5 at 3:30 p.m.

November 5 is a NO HOMEWORK NIGHT and November 6 is a LATE START DAY

Tips for Color Run

Every year, the Junior Class supports a school event that raises money for the Junior Senior Prom and other expenses that are necessary during their senior year. This year, the Class of 2021 has a BRIGHT idea: The aMAzing Color Run! On November 5th ALL STUDENTS, parents and faculty are invited to participate in the FUN! 

Participants have a few RULES to follow:

Pre-Registration is REQUIRED

  • Wear the REQUIRED aMAzing Color Run T-Shirt at the run. This is your ADMISSION to run in the race!
  • Children should be accompanied by an adult when they are not running or in the Massive Color Toss.  Make sure your child knows what adult they should meet up with and where they should meet immediately following the MAssive Color Toss.
  • Be on time to the run.
  • Have FUN!
  • Finish the run covered in color!
  • Have FUN!
  • Stick Around for the MAssive Color Toss
  • Have FUN!
Schedule of Events


Wednesday, October 18 is the Registration Deadline

Monday, November 4, Race Kits will be DELIVERED to Students.  Check Backpacks.

  • 3:30 Students meet in the Baseball Field Parking Lot. Look for posters with the student’s grade.
    • NOTE - Runners will be sent in waves so it is VERY IMPORTANT that your child be on time. This is not a race, but runners will be grouped by grades. They will hang out with their grade until their turn to run.
  • 3:40 11th and 12th Grade
  • 4:00 9th and 10th Grades
  • 4:05 7th and 8th Grades
  • 4:10 5th and 6th Grades
  • 4:15 3rd and 4th Grades
  • 4:20 1st and 2nd Grades
  • 4:25 Kindergarten and Senior Buddies Run together!
  • Runners to Party zone
  • 4:35 MAssive Color Toss will follow.
  • Go to CLEAN UP ZONES and head home!

NOTE: Please make sure your child is ON TIME and in the designated place BEFORE your child’s start time. Children should be accompanied by an adult when they are not running or in the Massive Color Toss.  Make sure your child knows what adult they should meet up with and where they should meet immediately following the MAssive Color Toss.

Click here for the Color Run map


What will the aMAzing Color Run be like?

FUN!! Color Runs are colorful, vibrant events, typically infused with bright colors, great music, and lots of laughter! Runners will start the race clean only to pass through numerous color stations along the course, finishing at an aMAzing epic school wide MAssive color throw, incredible music, and tons of FUN.

The point of this event is to share a life experience with our MA friends and family while supporting the junior class expenses which cover prom as well as other senior year events.

Since November 5th will be a dress down day for students participating in the aMAzing Color Run your runner will simply need to add their fun accessories on the way to the baseball field, meet in the baseball field parking lot wearing their required aMAzing color run t-shirt and look for their grade level sign.  Division directors will inform parents of the appropriated dress down clothing options.

The color will be thrown in every direction as the runners take off from the start-line. At the end of the run, junior class students, a DJ and emcee will keep runners that have completed the course entertained. When the last runners cross the finish line, the count down to the MAssive Color Toss will happen! What follows is a colorful party of dancing, craziness, and color throwing. It will be very fun, super colorful, and full of positive energy for everyone.

How do we get our run kit?

Register online. Here is the link:

Complete the registration, include payment (pay via credit card, e-check or make checks payable to Montgomery Academy). Run Kits will be delivered to your child’s class on November 4. CHECK BACKPACKS! Kits come with shirt, sunglasses and dust mask.  

Is the color powder safe?

Safety is our main priority! Colors are made with high quality cornstarch and food dyes. All materials are 100% FD&C and/or D&C grade and approved by the US FDA. The powder is not designed for consumption. Consider sporting a bandana! You can use it to cover your hair, cover your mouth in the color zones, or even to help dust off at the end of the race! However you choose to use it, a bandana or scarf is pretty handy at a color run. We suggest some form of eyewear. Sunglasses will be provided with your race kit but swim goggles would be super cool too! Have some fun with it and try to avoid getting a lot of powder in your eyes.

Is the color powder harmful if inhaled?

Although all the materials are food grade, we do not recommend inhaling large quantities of color powder. Anyone who has asthma, is allergic to any of the ingredients or has any respiratory issues should exercise caution when participating in color powder events. Color powder should always be used in well ventilated outdoor space. Dust masks will be provided in the run kits and at the run.

How is the color administered along the course?

You will see smiling faces along the course whose main goal is to cover your child in colorful powder! By the time that the students cross the finish line, we hope that they will look like they ran through a rainbow. Students should wear provided glasses or other protective eyewear like goggles.

Does Color Powder stain skin or hair?

If you’ve attended an Eagle Day you may know that colored hair spray may take more than a wash or two to be completely gone. That is the same with color powder. Some color does tend to linger a little longer on blonde hair. Here are some tips on cleaning your hair: Dust any loose powder out of your hair and brush through your hair vigorously. Wash as usual, perhaps adding a little baking soda and Dawn dishwashing liquid. Light haired, colored or highlighted hair may hold onto color a bit longer than most. IF you are concerned, you may consider spraying your hair with olive or coconut oil prior to the event. OR you could just let the remaining color wear off after a few washes

Will the color ruin clothes or running shoes?

Remove all excess powder before leaving and before adding any water to your shirt. Wash your Color Run gear separately, with COLD water.

Wear the required aMAzing Color Run shirt that is designed to be covered with COLOR!

The color is probably not coming all the way out of your white cotton shirt. That’s the point and you should be proud of that!! As with anything dirty, the sooner you wash it the better. We suggest wearing items that you wouldn’t mind getting colorful. Wear old shorts, socks and shoes. Remove excess powder from clothing before washing and/or applying water. Use stain remover and laundry booster if you’d like. Please consider washing your color run gear separately, with COLD water.

Will there be a cleaning area?

YES! Use our cleaning stations at the end of the run for some help.We will have air blown color cleaning at the near the parking lot. Take a few minutes to clean up or color might end up all over your house!

  • Bring old towels or sheets for the ride home.
  • Put your dirty shoes in a trash bag for the ride home.
  • Dust off as much dry powder as you can before you apply any water.

Most of the color will evaporate like magical fairy dust. With a good dusting off, you aren’t 100% clean, but you are good for the drive home. It could actually be pretty fun to see people while still colorful around town after our aMAzing color run.

If I am a kindergartener or senior participating in this event, am I guaranteed the opportunity to run with my buddy?

No, as this is an optional event, we cannot guarantee that every buddy will participate in the event. No student is obligated to participate. We will work to ensure that every kindergarten student has the opportunity to run with an older student (even if the student is not the actual assigned buddy).

Parents of Kindergartners, please reach out to your child's Senior Buddy to check their availability. If your child's buddy is not available please contact Natalie Pirnie at 334-294-5297 or

How does the color affect the inside of cars?

Bring some towels, old sheets or large trash bags for the insides of their cars and you'll be just fine. However, if you do get some in your vehicle, it can be dusted away or vacuumed easily.

Can spectators attend the post-run MAssive Color Toss festivities?

Absolutely… their own risk. They can come and watch the craziest, happiest, most COLORFUL day at The Montgomery Academy!! Waivers are on registration forms and include the participant’s family. We will have additional powder packets available to purchase while supplies last if parents want to join the color blast. Please note that if you enter the Finish Festival area, you will likely be covered in color dust. 

The MAssive Color Toss will be at 4:35 in between the softball and baseball fields.  Parents should decide on meeting place with their child. Go to CLEAN UP ZONES and head home! Children should be accompanied by an adult when they are not running or in the Massive Color Toss.  Make sure your child knows what adult they should meet up with and where they should meet immediately following the MAssive Color Toss. The aMAzing Color Run is completely over for all participants and spectators by 5:00. Juniors stay to clean up.

Read the liability waiver here on registration form

Are cameras & phones safe to have at the aMAzing Color Run?

Photographers are generally fine shooting from a distance of 50 feet, but to be totally safe we recommend covering cameras/phones with a protective dust wrap. Those colorful powder particles are sneaky and The Montgomery Academy nor any sponsor of the event is not liable for any damage that might be done to your camera, phones or any device! If you do bring your camera or phone, we recommend keeping it in a plastic bag to keep the dust out!

Is the Color Run a timed race?

The aMAzing Color Run is not a timed event. However we will be racing against Mother Nature. Daylight Savings time will be in full swing. We will start PROMPTLY at 3:40. Waves about 5 minutes apart. All runners will meet in the farthest parking lot by the baseball field. Runners will end in one area and wait until the seniors and their Kindergarten Buddies finish together!When the last runner/walker crosses the line ALL PARTICIPANTS will count down to the MAssive COLOR THROW!!!

Are there refunds?

NO. Like the Halloween Carnival and Fall Festivals of the past, this event supports the Junior Class. Supplies were ordered are paid for and based on the advance registrations. If you can not attend, save your shirt. You may get to use it in the future!

What if we already have an aMAzing Color Run Shirt from two years ago? Do we still have to buy a new one?

Yes. Shirts are calculated into the registration fee and cost to put on the aMAzing Color Run. Shirts are created special for this year’s aMAzing Color Run with the date printed on the shirt. It’s a new aMazing Color Run with new shirts for ALL runners.  It makes a special impact when everyone wears the same shirt.

What happens if there is bad weather?

A little rain won’t stop our Eagles! It even makes the color brighter! We will make our own rainbows! If lightning is close, we will monitor the weather and follow school procedure.

Can we wear fun accessories?

Yes but you are REQUIRED to wear your aMAzing Color Run T-Shirt! We love crazy accessories! Life's too short to not be silly and have some fun, so grab a crazy wig, socks, leggings or get a tutu and let the fun times begin! Remember sunglasses will be provided but goggles and bandanas are great for safety AND accessorizing!

Can Parents Run?

SURE but they must REGISTER to run or walk! Parents can also cheer on runners and meet their runners at the finish line. Spectators wear clothing that you do not mind getting dirty. If parents or guardians want to run or walk the course they must pre-register

I’m a parent planning to run. Do I run with my child? When do I run?

We are excited that parents are looking forward to running. It will be a wonderful event for our MA family!  Remember, parents must also pre-register and wear the required aMAzing Color Run shirt to participate. Review the scenarios below and then register to be part of the BRIGHTEST afternoon in MA’s History!

I want to run with my child.  That’s great.  Have fun!

I want to run with my child’s grade but not along side my child.  That’s great.  Have fun! 

My MA parent friends and I want to run together. That’s great.  Pick a wave to join in and have fun! 

I have multiple children that are running. Does it matter which grade I run with?  That’s up to you. Pick one and have fun.

My child does not want me to run next to them (SHOCKER) but likes that I am running. So, when do I run?  Due to time constraints we are not adding a separate adult’s only wave. You can run in any wave that you would like.

Kindergarten and Seniors please note:  The only wave that we’d like to keep for “students only” is the Kindergarten and Senior Buddy wave.  It is a special moment for both grades.  Of course if your child’s Senior Buddy is not running and your kindergartner wants to run with you that would be perfectly fine for you to join that wave. Reach out to your child’s Senior Buddy to verify that they have pre-registered.

So, I really don’t want to run but I do want a shirt and I do want to be part of the MAssive Color Toss. May I skip the running part, get my color and party with our friends at the MAssive Color Toss? Of course but you’d still need to pre-register and wear your shirt. It’s required to get your pre-paid color packet at the finish line/party zone.

Wait, I thought I COULD GO to the MAssive Color Toss and Post Run party without registering.  YES, you can BUT you will not receive a shirt, a protective mask, sunglasses or your own color powder to throw if you do not register.  Why mess up your own clothes and not get to throw powder in the MAssive Color Toss??? Register and BE PART of the action!

Can runners run with a pet?

NO. For the safety of our runners and animal friends, we will not allow animals besides Montgomery Academy Eagles to run.

This sounds too good to be true! What do I need to tell my child that they ARE NOT ALLOWED to do?

  • No one is allowed on ANY of the athletic fields!
  • No one and NO COLOR POWDER is allowed on the track.
  • Students must stay on the designated course.
  • As with all school events, students should follow the rules we all agreed to in the Student Handbook.

How long is the aMAzing Color Run route?

The route will be a little less than a 1/2 mile and will be clearly marked. Students will loop around the baseball and softball fields before they finish at the aMAzing finish line. Students will run with their grade and a consecutive grade. Look at the schedule above for timing.

Still Curious?

We hope the detailed information was helpful.  If you still have a question that wasn't addressed in the FAQ’s, please feel free to contact:

Natalie Pirnie or 334-294-5297 (aMAzing Color Run 2019 Chair Person)

Amy Chapman or 334-399-6108 (Class of 2021 Parent Panel Rep)

Cathy Mozingo or 334-467-7636  (Class of 2021 Parent Panel Rep)

Class of 2021 Class Officers:

Leighton Robertson, Class President  334-318-5008  or

Garrett Scott, Vice President   334-322-0538 or

Virginia Hope, Social Chair  334-462-1092 or

McRae Freeman, Social Chair  334-314-6857 or