Campus Life

Montgomery Academy is the whole package: academics, arts, athletics and abundant opportunities to get involved outside class. Campus organizations—sports and clubs, theater and music, debate and student leadership—give students valuable opportunities to develop skills, make new friends and try new activities.

Community service is a key component of life at MA. There are school-wide projects, like Homecoming Service Day and Brantwood Children’s Home Christmas Project; division projects (Lower, Middle and Upper Schools); as well as grade-specific efforts. A number of student groups organize service activities, including:

  • Public Service Committee oversees a year-long, K-12 community service effort at one selected community partner. Past beneficiaries have included Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army and Magic Moments.
  • Awareness in Action provides seventh and eighth grade students with opportunities to volunteer for service projects with a variety of different community agencies throughout the year.
  • H.E.A.R.T. (Helping Eagles Are Right There) coordinates Upper School community service projects, such as spring and fall community days where students volunteer at more than 30 non-profit agencies.

Fun is also high on the agenda. Favorite traditions include Homecoming and Eagle Day: a field day of athletic events between the Cardinal and Navy teams. Each new student is assigned one of our school colors; this then becomes a student’s Eagle Day team. The winner of the day’s events, held each spring, claims the victory flag, which is flown over the school during the next academic year.