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TailorMAde Tuition


TailorMAde Tuition reflects our desire, rooted in our mission and core values, to provide access to an MA education for families of all income levels. It is a program that allows families to qualify for reduced tuition based on their unique financial circumstances.

Our desire is that families committed to the philosophy and values of The Montgomery Academy are able to attend. Because of that, we offer personalized tuition through a TailorMAde Tuition model. Our admission team is more than happy to have a conversation with anyone that has concerns about affordability.

Our main goal is to make sure that families whose students meet the admission requirements and want to be a part of our school community aren’t deterred because of the cost. Each case is unique, so please email the Admission Office with questions about how to apply for both admission and TailorMAde Tuition.

TailorMAde Tuition FAQ