Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten Testing

We believe that it is a good idea for parents to be open, honest and direct with children about the testing process. We encourage parents to use language that the child can easily understand when describing the process and why it is important for the child to do his or her best.

The following general information about the testing process may be helpful:

  • The tester will begin the session by getting acquainted with your child and setting a warm and welcoming tone. Explain to your child that he/she is going to be playing games, answering questions, and participating in activities with someone who knows about the school. Often, children believe they are going into an office similar to their physician’s, where they may receive a shot. It is important to reassure your child that nothing like that will happen during the evaluation.
  • Generally, the testing session will last between 45 minutes and one hour.
  • Since your child will be entering kindergarten next year, it is important that he/she be able to separate from parents and spend time with other adults. For this reason, you are invited to remain in the waiting area while your child is being tested.
  • Children will perform their best if they are well rested, fed, and have recently used the restroom.
  • If your child is ill or has a fever on the day of the test, please call the psychologist and reschedule! The test may be given only once every six months, and there are many test times available to allow for inevitable illnesses.
  • Your child’s test is scored according to his or her age on the day of the appointment. Therefore, there is no advantage to scheduling appointments closer to the end of the testing season.
  • When the testing session is completed, the tester will not discuss the results with you immediately. A complete report will be mailed to you by the psychologist. If you desire more detailed feedback, an appointment may be scheduled with the psychologist after the common reply date.