Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for all students at The Montgomery Academy. Financial aid applies to tuition only. A child must have been accepted for enrollment to The Montgomery Academy prior to any financial aid being awarded. The Montgomery Academy utilizes the services of School and Student Services (SSS), an organization which assists in financial aid recommendations. The SSS organization does not award financial aid. SSS assists NAIS member schools throughout the nation in making recommendations as to the amount of money a family can contribute toward a child’s education. We will communicate our financial aid decision with your child’s enrollment contract. To make our decision, we use the information provided in the SSS PFS as a starting point. We also consider school policy and practices, as well as the available funds for financial aid within the budget. If a child’s parents are divorced, both custodial and non-custodial parents (if a parent or both parents are remarried) must submit all financial aid documents. Please note that all information is confidential. The Montgomery Academy abides by the NAIS Principles of Good Practice as they pertain to financial aid administration.

2020-2021 Academic Year
SSS Online Applications Open November 21, 2019
Financial Aid Application Deadline for Returning Students December 17, 2019
New Student Financial Aid Application Deadline January 31, 2020
Returning Students Re-Enrollment Contract Issued with Financial Aid Award February 20, 2020
Returning Students' Contracts Due March 2, 2020
Kindergarten Contracts Issued with Financial Aid Award February 28, 2020
Kindergarten Contracts Due March 6, 2020
New Student Enrollment Contracts with Financial Aid Awards Issued March 6, 2020
New Students Enrollment Contracts Due March 12, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions about Financial Aid

I really want the quality of an Academy education for my children, but my family cannot afford the full cost of tuition. Is there a financial aid program? The Academy has an endowment given by alumni, parents, and friends specifically for financial aid. Financial need is the sole criterion for granting aid. Deliberations of the Financial Aid Committee are strictly confidential. The child's admission process is separated from the financial aid evaluation so that the child is guaranteed consideration on his or her own merits, not on the family's ability to pay tuition.

How does the Academy notify me of its financial aid decision? A report from SSS is sent to the Academy as soon as the application is processed, typically within four to six weeks. The Academy's Financial Aid Committee evaluates the SSS report and the tax return and reaches a decision based on the financial status and the amount available in the financial aid fund. A reply is mailed to the family as soon as the committee reaches a decision. Although an admission decision may be received before the financial aid decision, the enrollment contract and refundable deposit must be submitted by the designated date. The enrollment contract is not binding until a financial aid decision is finalized.