Upper School Experience

Experiential Learning Week

Montgomery Academy incorporates experiential learning opportunities into the curriculum to create dynamic learning environments that engage students and inspire individual initiative as well as collaboration with others.

Upper School students may participate in programs that provide opportunities to explore career interests, such as working for a non-profit or in an accounting firm. Students will also have the opportunity to collaborate with fellow students and faculty members to create their own experiential learning opportunities. For example, creating a weeklong experience that focuses on service with animals or a history course on the Civil War to Civil Rights movement. This week provides an opportunity for students to explore their current passions and to discover some new passions as well.


The mission of Montgomery Academy is to "develop leaders committed to honor, scholarship, service and the pursuit of excellence." Montgomery Academy students are provided with numerous opportunities to live this mission through participation in a variety of service projects in which they learn the importance of caring for others in the Montgomery community and beyond.

The Montgomery Academy community believes that service to others is fundamental to a life well lived. We teach and we encourage our students to move our community forward by practicing servant leadership. Our community service club HEART, which is student led provides a foundation for students with a passion to serve. These service opportunities reinforce what is learned in the classroom with opportunity for real life application.

Advisory Program

Upon entering the Upper School, each student is assigned to an advisor and an advisory group with other members of his or her grade. Students remain with their advisee groups throughout their Upper School careers; strong bonds among advisors and advisees develop and deepen during these years. The advisor plays a key role in assisting students with their adjustment to life in the Upper School. The advisor can help the student to create balance in his or her life, especially in terms of course load, homework load, and co-curricular involvement. Every student at Montgomery Academy will have at least one or more adults in their school life to serve as a mentor and their advocate.

Upper School STEM-a-thon
Upper School Homebuilding