Upper School

Upper School students laughing

Welcome to The Montgomery Academy Upper School! MA is a school with a sense of purpose and a clear mission to educate the hearts and minds of young people in the pursuit of excellence. We are proud of our reputation as a school with a community of students, faculty and staff, and parents who are enthusiastic and have a deep intellectual commitment to our programs.

The Montgomery Academy’s requirements in the traditional fields of English, history, mathematics, science and world language are demanding, as is expected of a college preparatory school, yet the atmosphere is warm and supportive. Beyond the basics of educational programs, MA’s sense of community and its caring environment are central to our accomplishments. Our community has identified two key factors, leadership and honor, to underpin and scaffold the exceptional academic program. Viewing excellence through the lens of leadership and honor ensures our graduates enjoy successful college options and, more importantly, are equally prepared for lives of excellence and leadership well beyond college.

Our students and faculty share the responsibility of learning. Our faculty work deliberately to make The Montgomery Academy experience exciting and intellectually challenging, and our students respond by giving their best in a school climate that encourages choices and freedom. The structured freedom that exists in our Upper School allows students to take ownership of their personal and collective experience. Through classroom discussions and the opportunity to participate in a multitude of clubs and student organizations such as the Honor Council, student government, and service organizations such as HEART, our students grow into independent and self-assured leaders.

Co-curricular opportunities are central to The Montgomery Academy experience. We offer a wide array of athletic teams with many of the teams have a "no-cut" policy, which allows the teams to accommodate a wide range of ability levels while still being successful. Our arts faculty support a varied and highly successful arts program – with opportunities in drama, chorus and visual arts which allow our students to fully explore their talents and interests. In addition, our Speech & Debate program allows students to develop quick minds and highly valued critical thinking skills.

Our Upper School is composed of students who are different from each other in many wonderful ways but who are all quite purposeful in their commitment to both serious academic pursuits and living honorably.