iPad Program

Lower School iPad

The Academy has always considered technology to be an integral part of a well-rounded approach to student learning. In keeping with this tradition, each 6th-12th grade student is required to own an iPad for everyday classroom use.

iPads are used in all classrooms to support traditional methods of instruction as appropriate, and provide teachers, coaches, and staff who support them, a vehicle to present information to students in a way that is more relevant to their daily lives than has ever been possible before. Teachers can incorporate multimedia content with ease. Students have access to relevant resources (both online and downloaded from class websites) at any time of day or night. In addition to academic resources, iPads provide the capibility to support athletics and other co-curricular programs. Students in every discipline are able to produce their own multimedia–and traditional–content on a platform that is the same for every student and in every class.

Students keep assignments organized, take notes in written, typed, and audio or video formats, produce written and multimedia content for classes, read e-books, access resource materials from the Internet and teacher-produced references, and collaborate easily with both teachers and other students in the learning process.