Middle School Experience

Middle School Homecoming Service Project
Middle School Boys with iPad
Middle School Jasmine Hill
Experiential Learning

Students in the MA Middle School learn by doing! We frequently leave the classroom to explore the world around us to connect to our coursework. Short and long field trips allow students to build closer relationships with their classmates, engage in authentic learning, and engage with nature, culture, and history.


Following our mission of leaders committed to service, Awareness in Action helps Middle School students open the doors to public interest and social service groups throughout the Montgomery area. Students learn about these organization through speakers and presentations and then participate in Service Saturday projects. These activities help instill a love of selfless service within our student body.

Academic Innovation

Our teachers know that our #middleeagles learn best when they engage with content in a variety of ways. Projects allow students to authentically engage with a problem of their own choosing, conduct research, refine problems, and present solutions. Students are able to follow their passions, learn new information, and present it to their peers and families.

Our 1:1 iPad program allows students to demonstrate their learning with creations such as Social Studies review movies, The Frog Project documentaries, Old Westerns, and music videos. Students have access to all of their academic materials at the click of a button and much of our work can be done in a paperless way. Students also use the Google Apps for Education products to directly collaborate with teammates and teachers in real time.

Clubs & Activities

Learning doesn’t stop at 3:15 in our Middle School. Students have the opportunity to take on leadership roles through Student Council, engage their passions for Science and Writing with our Science and Writers Clubs, tackle complex problems on the Math Team, or perform with our award winning Chorus. Additionally, students in grades 7 and 8 can take part in interscholastic athletics.