Middle School Curriculum & Instruction

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The Middle School English program builds fluency in the areas of literature, grammar, composition, and vocabulary to equip our students in speaking, reading, and writing well. Students engage in the Writer’s Workshop methods and curriculum to gain strong skills as writers, editors, and collaborators. Students are active readers of a wide range of genres and use their reading to inform their writing. Language concepts are presented sequentially as students develop age-appropriate connections between grammar mechanics, vocabulary, and their own writing.


The goal of Middle School Math is to equip students with a strong foundation that includes arithmetic as well as algebraic and geometric concepts along with confident and intuitive problem solving skills. The rigor and breadth of the Middle School prepares students for their future in mathematics.

Social Studies/History

Middle School History focuses on the development of a variety of skills including analysis, research, writing, and critical thinking. Our program addresses cultural awareness and global competency with a focus on the ancient world, American history, geography, and current events.


Middle School Science is designed to provide a solid foundation in the discipline and allow students to apply scientific principles to real-world situations. Students develop a strong understanding of the scientific method as a process by which scientists systematically ask and answer scientific questions. Emphasis is placed on developing curiosity and appreciating the wonder that arises from observing the natural world. Science in the Middle School builds off of students’ Lower School experiences through further hands-on exploration and investigation to prepare them for higher level science courses.

World Language

Students in the world language program gain the skills needed to express themselves through speaking, listening, reading, and writing in an authentic, real world setting by acquiring a knowledge of the grammar and vocabulary of a foreign language as well as cultural competencies related to those languages. The world language program emphasizes the need to communicate effectively in a global society.

Arts & Technology

We strive to instill an awareness of expressive potential in our students in the Middle School. By offering electives in the visual arts, performing arts, and technology education, students cultivate artistic ability and communication skills as well as an innate sense of beauty, the ability to collaborate, and historical perspective in culture.

Physical Education

The Middle School Physical Education Program is designed to encourage a lifetime of healthy habits and fitness. Each individual student builds fundamental skills in cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility, as well as sports-based skills. Students are given the opportunity to demonstrate sportsmanship and healthy competitiveness. Students are encouraged to strive for their own personal best on a daily basis.