Middle School

Welcome to The Montgomery Academy Middle School! It is with complete confidence that I encourage you to get to know our program, our campus, our faculty and our learning environment. MA is a school with a sense of purpose and a clear mission to educate the hearts and minds of young people in the pursuit of excellence. We are proud of our reputation as a school with a community of students, faculty and staff, and parents who are enthusiastic and have a deep intellectual commitment to our programs.

The Montgomery Academy recognizes the uniqueness of the Middle School experience and the Middle School years. Rather than simply thought of as a momentary pass through to Upper School, MA intentionally dedicates deep thought, outstanding facilities and world-class faculty to ensure this experience is honored by itself and for itself. In the journey from infant to adult, our children also journey from total dependence to nearly complete independence. Middle School is a unique and formative time on this trajectory.

The traditional content areas of English, history, mathematics, science and world language are demanding, as is expected of a college preparatory school, yet the atmosphere is warm and supportive. Co-curricular opportunities are central to The Montgomery Academy experience. Our arts faculty support a varied and highly successful program – with opportunities in drama, chorus, and visual arts that allow our students to fully explore their talents and interests while our Speech & Debate program allows students to develop quick minds and highly valued critical thinking skills. In addition, we offer a wide array of athletic teams with many of the teams have a "no-cut" policy, which allows the teams to accommodate a wide range of ability levels while still being successful.

The uniqueness of Middle School is found in the intersection of not only the strong academic and co-curricular options, but in the opportunity we have to partner with you in this important formative time. Students at this age are asking themselves questions such as ‘who will I be’ and ‘where are my interests’. Importantly, Middle School students are learning social boundaries and behaviors that will allow them to navigate an increasingly complex world. The commitment of our faculty to shared values and working with students to help with these questions is unparalleled and priceless.

Our Middle School is composed of students who are different from each other in many wonderful ways but who are all quite purposeful in their commitment to both serious academic pursuits and living honorably. Working with such remarkable young people is a trust we honor each day.

Go Eagles!

Take care,

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Tony Jordan
Middle School Director