Middle School

Welcome to The Montgomery Academy Middle School! Middle School is a time of significant growth and transition for our fifth through eighth grade students. We recognize that in these distinct and formative years our children are on a rapid quest to establish independence and identity. Our program is designed with this understanding in mind. Students take on increasing levels of independence, sharpen their interpersonal skills, and manage a wide variety of academic and extracurricular choices.

Our curriculum is not only designed to prepare learners for advanced educational outcomes but to “enlighten the spirit” through self-reflection born of healthy and meaningful challenges. Opportunities to participate in our school’s public purpose initiative, select nontraditional pursuits during our experiential block, and serve as student leaders on student council all help to shape the values and habits indicative of an MA graduate.

With an emphasis on relationships, our caring faculty and advisory model help facilitate meaningful connections that stress the importance of communication, personal responsibility and positivity. At the heart of our work is a profound respect for the unique personalities, talents and perspectives of our middle school students. In that belief, we are committed to celebrating each individual for who they are, how they contribute to the heartbeat of our community and what they will offer the world beyond.

Middle school years are at times tumultuous, but, more importantly, they are years of wonder, complexity and excitement. You will often hear middle school educators declare that teaching this age group is a calling. It’s true! Our faculty have a deep appreciation for the metamorphosis that takes place during these mighty years, and we look forward to journeying with each one of our students as they take both small steps and giant strides towards realizing their potential and becoming who they are meant to be.