Lower School Curriculum & Instruction

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Lower School PE
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The core curriculum in the Lower School is comprised of:

  • Language Arts: We emphasize reading and literature, beginning with “learning to read” and then shifting to “reading to learn.” We use the Writing Workshop model as well as various other curriculum programs that complete our robust language arts program.
  • Mathematics: Singapore Math Program
  • Science and Social Studies: Experiential, theme based units of study

Five-year-olds have a rich and enjoyable developmentally appropriate program in small classes. Experienced, caring teachers lead the children in appropriate activities that develop personal, social, physical, and early academic skills. Kindergarten students engage in an integrated program of language arts, math, art, social studies, science, play, and special activities with their teachers as a guide. They also have weekly classes with enrichment teachers in art, music, technology, STEM lab, physical education, and the library. The program offers seasonal celebrations and numerous experiential learning field trips during the year. Visits by police officers, doctors, farm animals, and other guests invigorate the early childhood curriculum.

Classes in grades one through four feature stimulating activities and learning experiences with guidance from expert teachers. Students in grades one through three are taught in self-contained classrooms with a curriculum of language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. Students in fourth grade are developmentally challenged and rotate daily between three teachers who teach language arts, math, Alabama History and Science. This prepares them for fifth grade by allowing them to experience more responsibility in their academic career. In addition to the regular classroom teacher, students are taught by enrichment teachers in the areas of technology, spanish, music, STEM lab, art, and library/media services. Students have daily physical education classes to promote a healthy mind and body through fitness. Each grade level has an additional teacher that serves as an Instructional Coach and works with all classes in that grade on literature, math, writing, and other vital parts of our overall curriculum including individual and small group enrichment or remediation.

Teachers at The Montgomery Academy emphasize each child's development in basic skills, using both innovative and traditional classroom techniques. The academic year is divided into two semesters, and progress reports are sent to parents at the end of each nine-week grading period. Parent-teacher conferences are an important communication of student progress, and teachers work as a team with families to support children's learning and development at home and school. Lastly, schoolwide sharing projects encourage our students to grow in character and responsibility which is an important part of our daily curriculum.