Lower School

Kids under a colorful parachute
Welcome to The Montgomery Academy Lower School! The Lower School, located on the Hill Campus on Perry Hill Road, is a positive and stimulating environment for students in kindergarten through the fourth grade. We believe that the foundations for a child’s educational experience are developed and molded during the Lower School years.
The Montgomery Academy Lower School seeks to educate the whole child by focusing not only on each child’s academic development but also on her or his physical and social-emotional development. Each component of the day is designed to help students grow in each of these areas.

Our students are contributing members of a community. Every class at the Lower School begins the day with a Morning Meeting where the class gathers together to greet one another by name and share information about important events in their lives. Morning Meetings foster community, help students develop social skills, and set the tone for the academic day.

Our students are writers who capture small moments in big ways. Through Writer’s Workshop, teachers help students identify qualities of good writing and provide them support as they employ these qualities in their own writing. Conferences are an important part of the workshop approach where students share their ideas and receive constructive feedback from teachers.

Our students are readers. Whether exploring futuristic worlds, learning about a favorite topic, or enjoying a cherished story, Lower School students read and read often. Our library is the heartbeat of the school. With more than 22,000 books, students have access to a wide variety of books on a daily basis. Our reading curriculum centers around quality children’s literature and engages students in conversations about books. One of the highlights of our reading program is our annual author visit.

Our students are problem solvers who think outside the box. Through the Math in Focus curriculum, students receive instruction that both emphasizes conceptual understanding and skill fluency. Learning experiences begin with concrete, tactile problems, and our teachers support each student as he or she advances toward abstract, quantitative reasoning.

Our students are observers who respond to the world around them with wonder and awe. Units of study in both science and social studies offer hands-on, minds-on learning experiences. One of the highlights of a Lower School experience is our annual culture study where our campus engages in a cross-curricular learning experience of life in another country.

Our students are well-rounded individuals. Students in the Lower School are afforded robust opportunities. Our signature enrichment programs are both developmentally appropriate and pedagogically sound.Every Lower School student receives instruction in art, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Lab, World Languages & Cultures, music, guidance, and physical education. Additionally, students reap the many benefits of unstructured play through daily recess times.

In our daily pursuit of excellence, The Montgomery Academy Lower School strives to provide each student with the best possible education. Our faculty is comprised of dedicated teachers who care deeply about our students. In addition to our teaching staff, we have four instructional coaches who help students learn to their fullest potential. Not only does our counselor teach bi-weekly lessons to every class in the Lower School, but she also offers individualized support to students as well.

We invite you to visit the Lower School and experience The Montgomery Academy difference for yourself!

Sarah Housley
Lower School Director