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Lower School

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Our Curriculum

The Lower School places an emphasis on nurturing and developing the whole child through a robust curriculum:

  • Academics:
    • Literacy: In Kindergarten, we use the Orton-Gillingham approach to reading instruction. In Grades 1-4, phonics, fluency, and comprehension instruction takes place in a variety of ways (guided reading, literature circles, novel studies, etc.). We use the Writer’s Workshop approach in Grades K-4. In addition to classroom instruction, students attend a weekly library/media class.
    • Mathematics: Singapore Math-Math in Focus curriculum is used in Grades K-4. We supplement this curriculum with hands-on experiences and math games that support conceptual understanding and skill fluency.
    • Science and Social Studies: We use experiential, theme-based units of study in Grades K-4. Nonfiction texts are used to enhance science and social studies instruction. In addition to classroom instruction, students engage in inquiry through a STEM Lab class.
  • Arts: Our Lower School fine arts program consists of music, visual art, and World Languages & Cultures.
  • Physical Education: Our coaches use thematic units to teach skills and sports that promote health, physical development, and sportsmanship. Students also participate in weekly fitness rotations that focus on strengthening muscle groups in an age-appropriate way.
  • Social-Emotional Learning: All classrooms use the Responsive Classroom approach to social-emotional learning throughout the school day. Our counselor uses the Second Step curriculum in bi-weekly guidance lessons.
  • Academic Support: Students who have needs beyond the classroom are eligible to receive academic support. Our resource teacher is trained in the Orton-Gillingham approach and works primarily with students in Grades K-3 who need language-based support. Our academic support team works with families and teachers to provide accommodations for students with diagnosed needs.

Lower School Experience