College Advising Process

The College Advising Office is open and accessible to all students and parents. The office library offers extensive resources to assist students in the college research process, including college catalogs and videos, guidebooks and directories, and computer and web resources. Admissions officers from numerous colleges and universities across the country visit the Academy each year to meet with interested prospective students. Meeting with these representatives is a good way to learn more about colleges and to allow the visiting admissions officers to begin to know interested students. The College Advisor is available for consultation throughout the year and encourages students to begin the exploration process early.

While we encourage students to take advantage of the resources of the College Advising Office throughout their time at the Academy, the formal college planning process takes places in the following stages:

Junior Year: In the first semester, juniors again meet with the College Advisor to continue discussion about testing as well as the college selection and admission process. In the second semester, each junior has a college-planning meeting with his or her parents and the College Advisor to discuss colleges of interest.

Senior Year: during the first three weeks of school, seniors meet again with the College Advisor to finalize a college application list. The College Office will assist and advise students throughout the application and decision process.