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College Advising

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With our advice but through the merit of the individual student, it is not uncommon to find our graduates in the classrooms of some of the nation’s premier universities and colleges. Because the college process is an educational journey that culminates with a student’s years at The Montgomery Academy, we believe that it is a journey for the student to undertake and lead. 

The College Advising Office is an ally and advocate to offer the appropriate help in getting our students into the schools of their choice. We promote the idea that students get themselves into college, allowing us to work with them to find the right fit, not just the fastest find.

We believe that with the plethora of colleges and universities from which to choose, students begin with a national search that narrows as they engage in college visits, conduct a self-exploration, and meet with representatives from colleges both on and off our campus.

Knowing that the decision about where to go to college emerges as the most important and exciting aspect for any high school student, the College Advising Office of The Montgomery Academy serves as both a resource and a service to help families find “the one.”