Portrait of a Graduate


One of the primary goals of The Montgomery Academy's strategic planning over the past year has been to craft a "Portrait of a Graduate" that defines the major skills and habits of thought that we seek to develop within each student by the time that he or she graduates from the Academy. The "Portrait of a Graduate" is used in conjunction with our mission statement and our core values to define the desired outcomes of an MA education.

A faculty committee defined portrait components and to draft our portrait. The committee, chaired by Lower School STEM Teacher Dinah McLemore, included faculty members from all three divisions. The other committee members included: Richard Armstead, Ana Baker, Jennifer Grant, Andy Roth, Caroline Sease. You can read more about this process in this article from Head of School John McWilliams.


Graduates of The Montgomery Academy are
confident, balanced individuals who

Challenge themselves to

  • Think critically, solving problems creatively and ethically
  • Demonstrate initiative and curiosity
  • Listen and communicate effectively

Commit to

  • Promoting service locally and globally
  • Uniting and motivating others to improve their community
  • Modeling integrity and resilience


  • Diversity in its many forms
  • Honor as reflected in our Honor Code
  • A healthy lifestyle through arts and athletics