Board of Trustees

Since 1959, the Board of Trustees of The Montgomery Academy has operated as a self-perpetuating board, which governs itself according to its bylaws. A self-perpetuating board is one on which new board members are selected by existing board members. This system, which is used at many independent schools, allows the board to maintain a list of parents, alumni, and friends of the school from which new board members are selected annually. The functions of the board are to ensure that the school is well funded for current and future needs, to employ and supervise the Head of School, to establish broad policies consistent with the Academy's mission, and to monitor the school's success in meeting its stated mission.

As with all independent schools, the Academy’s routine or daily operations are the responsibility of the Head of School and the school’s Division Directors, in whose decisions the Board of Trustees does not intervene. In particular, the Board of Trustees does not serve as an appellate court to review the decisions of the Head of School. Members of the Board want to be knowledgeable about matters of concern to the Academy community, and welcome opportunities to discuss them with parents, students, and alumni. However, challenges to decisions and actions of teachers, coaches, staff, and administrators should be made to the appropriate Division Director, and then, if needed, to the Head of School.

The Montgomery Academy Board of Trustees subscribes to the Principles of Good Practice established by the National Association of Independent Schools for its member schools. These principles define the high standards and ethical behavior that are expected of member schools in key areas of school operations.

Mr. Peter Selman

Mr. Phelps Reid '99
Vice President

Mrs. Ashley McDaniel

Mr. Owen Aronov

Mrs. Lynn Beshear

Mr. Alex Carothers '98

William Crum Class of 2003

Mr. William Crum '03

Dr. Steve Davidson

Mr. Stephen Dees '01

Dr. Brian Gary

Dr. Blake Horne

Ms. Millie Houston

Dr. Tom Hughes

Dr. Tom Hughes

Mrs. Delecia McIntyre

Mrs. Jo Moore

Estee Morrison

Mrs. Estee Morrison '96
POA President

Mr. Johnny Raines III

Mr. Wade Segrest

Dr. Rodney Smith

Dr. Louisa Tolentino-Prosser

Dr. Pamela Tuck

Mr. Courtney Williams

Emily Wootten

Mrs. Emily Wootten